Climate Gamers Squad
What We Do

What We Do

We are a community of scientists, policy makers, activists, and global citizens who are both interested in and concerned about human-caused climate change.

@ClimateScientist streams at from 7-9pm ET on Tuesdays and Sundays every week. ClimateScientist is currently the only streamer on the channel, but we are actively recruiting more climate scientists (broadly defined) to stream educational content on our channel other nights of the week. If you are interested in streaming on our channel, send us an email at

On Tuesday nights ClimateScientist streams games with explicitly climate-relevant content. For example, he currently streams Eco, a world-building game in which a group of players has to balance developing sufficient technology to blast an impending meteor out of the sky with the negative impacts of resource depletion and climate change. When the Civilization IV expansion "Gathering Storm" is released on February 14th, he will begin streaming that game as well.

On Sunday nights ClimateScientist alternates between streaming literature reviews of peer-reviewed climate science articles and structured power-point lectures and Q&As on specific topics.



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